We don't want to tell you if we care about your privacy. We believe, people should think on their own. So please read and make up your mind yourself:

Data we get

We get data you intended to send us such as when you fill out a web form and data that software like your browser sends us without you knowing explicitly. This data usually includes your IP-address, your browser version and language, time of access and which page you request. Additionally data like analytics and third parties are not used. If we use such technics some day, we will ask for your consent before.

How we process that data

We use necessary data for up to a few seconds to deliver you the requested page, this is done only in our servers RAM and gets deleted automatically after the page has been delivered. This data must tecnically include your IP-address and Port and the requested site.

If you instruct us to do a certain task we will use your provided information only for this specific task.

What data we store

This server creates no logs, except you instruct us to do so. If you instruct us to store some data permanently, we will ask you for permission before.

Your rights

And you have the right to get a copy of that data, correct or request to delete it. If you want to execute one of these rights, please contact us in the contact section.

Security of data transfer

Data transfer to this website is always encrypted using TLS with a certificate from Let's Encrypt. If that's not the case, then something is seriously wrong, probably because someone is intercepting the traffic.

Where the data is processed

This website is hosted in a German data center at Uberspace. The Server belongs to Uberspace, only it's staff (in theory) and DevelopersOptions Ltd have access to it.

Who we are

This newly established company will offer some software tools dedicated to developers or individuals. Some will be free to use, some paid.

DevelopersOptions Ltd | registered Limited Company in England and Wales | Company number: 12818017

9, Trinity Crescent, CT20 2ES, Folkestone, United Kingdom